Game Week 26 | ASTORIA

Randolf T.

Play of the Day:
Alexandro saddled up behind the three point line. Being a powerful scorer from that range, the opposing team stepped up their defense. Alexandro recieved a bad pass. Allowing Allen to steal the ball with his left hand and drive by on Alexandro‘s right side for a fast break-away to the other end of the court. With the speed and agility of the old Shaq moving down court, Allen awkwardly dribbled down to the unguarded basket. Alexandro was hot on his back. Allen slowed his pace as if a wizard had cast a Slow spell and he was wading his way through invisible molasses. He leaped from a two-footed jump stop, slam dunked the ball with two hands, hung on the rim, and yelled a battle cry at the same decibal of Wesley being tortured by the Six-Fingered Man in Princess Bride.

As Allen was running down court someone faintly yelled,”Just let him slam, Ted!”

Other Highlights:
Allen foiled Lance’s signature move at the end of the last game. Whenever Lance makes a basket or his team wins a game, he immediately makes a fist, brings his elbow towards his waist and shouts, “Yes!”, in the same spirit of Tiger Woods. As he made the game winning basket and was about to go into his rehearsed finishing move, Allen slid underneath the basket and delivered it with the same enthusiasm even though his team lost.

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  1. Kylie Batt says:

    Браво, какие нужные слова…, великолепная мысль…

    Event менеджер Alexandro recieved a bad pass…..

  2. Kylie Batt says:

    Шутки в сторону!…

    Менеджер по работе с клиентами Alexandro recieved a bad pass…..

  3. Kylie Batt says:

    Что-то у меня личные сообщения не отправляются, ошибка…….

    Проект Росія. Третє тисячоліття. Книга 3 ……

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