Six Consecutive Wins

Sunday April 6th, 2008

Great turn out today.

Comedians and people who pretend to be comedians:
Wali Collins
Dan Allen
Neil Potter
Seymour Swan
Luke Cunningham
Brian McGuiness
Jeff Cerelli
Willie Morales


Original Sunday Crew:
Brian Wilson
Nick “Anderson”

Non-Comedy (Civilians):
Vinny (Luke’s friend)
Jimmy (Luke’s friend)
Andy (Troy’s friend)

Miraculously, the games started on time. A total of eight full court games to 19 were played today. The first game was in the same spirit of UNC crushing Washington State 68-47 in this year’s Sweet Sixteen. Potter, Nick “Anderson”, Esquire, Cerelli and Allen easily looked like a first seed team. Their three point ability was unstoppable. If this was a live version of SNES NBA Jam, Cerelli would have been engulfed in flames and the announcer would have cried out, “He’s on fire!

Sadly, that trip to the playoffs ended quickly in the second game just like the date-raping, probably racist Psycho T and his Tar Heels did when they lost to Kansas in the Final Four.

The new team to beat was Cunningham, Seymour, Wilson, Corey and Willie.

They broke (or tied. The ABA staff reporters are review the archives now) new ground in ABA history. They won six consecutive games. They could have made a record and won seven in a row but two of the dynasty team members’ testicles atrophied in their body as they threw in the towel and said, “We’re tired.”

Allen and “Anderson” joined their team and won the final game of the day. Allen was overheard saying, “I didn’t realize I was on enemy’s team until halfway through. If I would have known in the beginning, I wouldn’t have played as hard.”

Uncharacteristically for ABA games, there were several arguments, especially in Game 6 (the fifth for the winning team). The score was 18-18. Both teams were extremely tired and had a minimum of six critical turnovers preventing a win. The court became gridlocked with face-to-face arguing over a disagreement of someone who was inside the line but threw it at an opposing player who was out-of-bounds.

Players-in-waiting started to create a fight bracket hoping to see some real punches. Cunningham was a first seed pick since he resembles the wrestler The Undertaker.

Even though McGuiness is also 6’6″ 225lbs, he was a fourth seed because he resembles Soda Popinski.

Oddly, tiny little Wilson (also known as “The Mormon”, “Yellow” or “11”) was a first seed due to his tenacity.

Fortunately (and unfortunately), no faces were punched and the game continued. There was one more awkward moment when Willie travelled and then was fouled by Esquire.

Other notes:
Allen appreciated Luke’s friend Vinnie for coming out and making him feel taller and validated by allowing Allen to deliver a handful of demoralizing blocks.

In a post game interview with Collins, he was appalled by his performance and said, “I can’t believe I only made one basket.”

Tie between Willie and Wilson

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