Great Battles

Potter, Allen, O’Reilly, and Julio was the team to beat with three consecutive wins. Potter’s threes, Allen’s defense, O’Reilly’s passing and Julio** being there for the pass. Allen (still donning his magical Rodham Spurs jersey) was a whirlwind of arms today. He delivered a dozen demoralizing blocks to Esquire, Collins, Swan, Collins and Bobby. Unfortunately, Allen was only able to get his fingertips on Cerulli’s shots but redeemed himself while guarding Bobby and Esquire. ABA officials are investigating the footage to see if Bobby and Esquire weren’t throwing the games and telling Allen when they were going to shoot due to the unnatural awesomeness of the blocks. They almost appeared rehearsed. Cerulli, Collins, Swan, and Esquire finally stopped the Dream Team’s quest for the coveted seven consecutive wins in Game 5. 


There was a slight verbal altercation between Collins and O’Reilly. Collins felt O’Reilly retaliated with a foul for a previous play. He then said sternly , “If I foul you, call it. Don’t do that ever again. I’m saying this out loud so everyone hears me that I warned him.” The warning had the same tone of Joe Piscopo’s character Danny Vermin’s line in Johnny Dangerously: “You shouldn’t hit me in the balls like that, lady. My sister hit me in the balls once.” Fortunately, everyone’s tempers stabilized and no blows were thrown.

Allen pulled Collins aside after the game and told Collins he reacted hot-headed-ly like Rafael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He encouraged him to “cool his jets” and to strive to be more like Leonardo. Collins responded, “Fuck off, nerd.”


**Julio was irked that their was a (?) next to his name for MVP. He officially earned the title today.

Game 1
Cerulli, Collins, Swan, Bobby beats Potter, Allen, O’Reilly, Julio (19-11)

Game 2
Potter, Allen, O’Reilly, Julio beats Cerulli, Collins, Swan, Bobby (19-13)

Game 3
Potter, Allen, O’Reilly, Julio slaughter Cerulli, Collins, Swan, Esquire (21-5)

Game 4
Potter, Allen, O’Reilly, Julio beats Cerulli, Bobby, Swan, Esquire (19-10)

Game 5
Cerulli, Collins, Swan, Esquire barely beat Potter, Allen, O’Reilly, Julio (20-17)

Game 6
Cerulli, Collins, Swan, Esquire beat Potter, Allen, O’Reilly, Bobby (19-12)

Game 7
Potter, Allen, O’Reilly, Bobby beats Cerulli, Collins, Julio, Esquire (19-11)


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  1. Brian says:

    i hate missing these. but the blogs make me feel like i was a part of it.

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    Инженер по эксплуатации, инженер теплотехник Allen (still donning his magical Rodham Spurs jersey) was a whirlwind of arms today…..

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